Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Inspire Lovely Spring Sale

Happy Wednesday lovelies! Lots of spring cleaning, prepping for handmade market season and creating new products with our Inspire Lovely touch to keep the shop fresh & pretty :)

And you know what that means right? A spring sale of course! Head on over to the shop:
Use coupon code "SPRING25" 
to receive 25% off any order over $10 
(Sale ends April 20th) 

 > New confetti pops <

> Cute mini cloud memo post its <

these are so fun to play with :) 
little r and i had fun leaving these all over the house hehee.

the cuteness continues... love the pop of green hues in these leaves. Xo

On my desk: new stamp designs waiting to be made into real life stamps. I can't help but get excited over these. Guess what I'll be making this weekend? Yep! Putting stamps together :) We assemble them by hand, i love this part... i'm a stamp nerd. Mr. Handsome does most of the work but I keep him entertained by reciting You've Got Mail from memory. ;) just kidding. but I probably could hahaa!

So yes! New stamp designs, we will be showcasing over 20 new stamp designs at Queen Bee Market May 2nd & 3rd. It's going to be awesome!

my little easter treats prepped for family & featuring our cute mason jar stamp embellishments + tags XOXO

and part of some happy packaging going on today. With all the spring cleaning I've been doing I've placed a huge drawer full of items from the studio and slowly adding extra goodies into each parcel. I love adding extra bits of goodness, it's part of the fun :)  

So yeah, my week has been busy. I'm just trying to stay inspired + motivated + caught up. Love everything about today. I didn't get to finish everything on my list but hey, i blogged! I'd say that's a win :)

Happy sunny spring vibes to you love,

Friday, March 28, 2014

Spring in the Shop Xo

Hi Beautiful,
Happy March! I get so excited with the change in seasons. I started seeing more florals available at the markets and I decided I should pick up a few new plants & floral bouquets to give our home & studio a bit of cheer. The bouquet above is from one of my favorite farmer's markets in san diego. I love roaming downtown and eating my way through the market :) 

And I picked up a few indoor plants (look! they all aren't succulents! hehee) just to see if I could start keeping plants inside the house. Thankfully, after 2 months they all seem to like us. The 6 month mark is what i'm going for lol! I love seeing all the green, so fresh. XO

I also have been crushing on  a gorgeous crewel piece i picked up at the thrift store for .25 It inspired a new paper kit, Hello Spring  now available in the shop.

I added lots of handmade details to the cards. I loved it! It's definitely time consuming but it was so pretty when it all came together. I loved mixing fabric and paper + sewing lines. I'm going old school  hehee. Back to the scrapbooking days , good times.

So flowers and flowers works for me, love the change in scenery.

A sewn pocket filled with sequins + confetti + butterflies = XOXO swoon!

and a bit of embellishment love. Greens + leaves, so happy :)

The vellum mason jar pockets inspired our new stamp set: Mason Jar XO

I couldn't help myself, i got a head start on some pretty tags for mother's day :) I watercoloured and it turned our so nice along with the stamps.  

A little gold ink shimmer in this pretty jar XO. I love the mix of colors & sequins . I had to sew a few of the details on just for fun. They look super cute.

Also, I sent out some cute mini swag bags recently and used the mason jar stamp set to stamp directly on the cloth bags we have in the shop

I played with different colors with this tag. Loved "filling" the jar with cute confetti. almost as good as the sprinkles on my donut. Allllllmost. ;) And who doesn't need a little donut break? I don't know about you but stamping makes me hungry lol! I have a weakness. It's called donuts. Pretty much anything in a pink box but yes, donuts.all of them. hahaa. And when you mix donuts and playing with paper, it makes for a very happy girl.  Get your stamp set here  and buy yourself a yummy donut = great combination! I have a giveaway coming this weekend on my instagram so if you would like to win something in this post *hint*hint* ya might wanna check it out over here ;) 

happy friday lovely!

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Tiny Prints + A Happy Birthday

 I have something very special to share with you. My little r turned 2 in December and the Mr. and I had big plans to celebrate at our favorite park. I planned on designing the invites myself and way back in September we ventured out as a family to do a little photo shoot of our little guy. You know, the weather was super pretty, sunny clear blue skies gorgeous.

Then I was contacted by Tinyprints and they offered to let me try out their birthday invitations for free. :) I quickly said yes as I'm a fan of the beautiful designs they offer and my Mr and I picked this bright and happy design.

I think it fits our little guy perfectly :) I had been collecting zoo themed items throughout the year but i knew i didn't want the invitation to scream "zoo" theme. I mean we're party animals and all but i loved this cute picture of our little guy & his pal Giraffe. Totally adorbs. The design complements the colors in the photo so well. Yay :)

I was even more impressed when we had them in our hands. The print quality + paper stock is impressive. This is the graphic designer side talking ;) I'm pretty particular about paper and print quality not just because its my job but because it makes a huge difference in presentation and detail. I can't tell you how much our family and friends loved them too! I love the photo in the back. I think it makes the perfect little gift to our loved ones so they remember our little guy. Pretty clever designing Tinyprints ;)  Once i had the invitations, I pretty much used it as my color inspiration for party decorating. So bright and happy !

The main reason for the zoo theme was because throughout the year we enjoyed monthly visits to our local San Diego Zoo. It was awesome to get to experience the joy of discovery with Little r. He LOVED the animals. We had such a good time we even made it a tradition as part of every visit to include a trip to the photo booth at the zoo. I framed our photo strips and added a little quote from Good ol' Mister Rogers for added fun.

And then I took some colorful washi tape and taped a few photo strips to our walls both on the fridge and in our photo wall. Sometimes you just need to go casual. Little r gets a kick seeing them. I love them because it's really hard to get a fun photo together. It's usually one of us and little r. As silly as we look thankfully photobooth pics call for funny looking people. that would be us lol!

The sad part was that the day of the party it was super windy + cold and just your typical Winter day in San Diego. Mostly leaving you to stay home and cuddle up warm under a blanket. But we braved the weather together with our sweet family & friends. We decorated what we could and everything was blown all over the place. Oh december birthday people. i do sympathize with you. The weather is just not cooperative :(

The good thing was that we had plenty of luck untangling all my garlands I worked so hard on + refrosted a few left over cupcakes and I recreated this special day and forever capture it the way i pictured it in my head :) Plus, leftover birthday cake tastes SO good. And these pictures are 100 times better than that cold blustery day. Albeit it didn't stop our little guy from having fun with family & friends. And that was so heartwarming to see. He's such a trooper. I'm the crazy one lol!

I realized that i was only hurt because after spending what seemed like countless hours on little details like cutting out elephants + tigers + bears from fondant and baking the cupcakes etc you want everything to be perfect. right?!

These are the pics i will keep forever and look back on. And it makes me smile. I loved that when I was redecorating the living room little r kept asking if it was his birthday again. hahaa! He loved seeing all the garlands up looking so festive. It made reshooting the party even more fun. He stopped to take every detail in. "Mommy look! Elephant!" "Cupcake", one of his first words lol! He even broke into song singing "Happy birthday" hahaa!

It was a very happy birthday indeed. Thank you Tinyprints for your inspiration and beautiful product. My little guys invitation is still up on our fridge. We love it. It's funny because everyone says that at this age they won't remember it. Well in this day in age, I think they will have a pretty good idea of what kind of day it was. With these little details preserved via photographs I can't wait for us to look back on them someday and see how much love was poured into every detail. At least that's what I hope. My heart is happy. As i sit back after editing these photos + with family & friends from our celebration months ago. It was a good day.

Yep, I'm perfectly content. 


Tuesday, February 25, 2014

+ Home +

Hi lovelies, over the weekend i managed to feel 100% better ( who has time for a head cold am i right?!).  So with some energy and a few hours i knew i had to make the best of this precious window of time! I have been wanting to redo our living room for a few months now. I get on a kick and then i just never follow through. i'm my own worst demise lol! 

Back in December i purchased a few yards of fabric from here. (this isn't a sponsored post, i just love the fabric selection and that's where i purchased some of the following fabrics if ya must know :) So yeah, since december. these pretty fabrics have been neatly folded waiting to be made into something awesome. I also purchased a new sewing machine that i finally liked and was a step up from my old clickety machine. (My parents gave me Christmas money about 8+ years ago and this is what i purchased as my gift from them. They were skeptical hahaa! I knew nothing about sewing and thankfully "Nena" as i lovingly called her, was a pretty great first machine to learn on.) My new machine (still named "Nena" for old time's sake ;) is still not professional grade but this girl still has a lot to learn sewing wise and i'm super happy to learn on anything :) plus, it sews so smoothly i'm very impressed.

My favorite fabric is the pink + green  + yellow embroidered fabric that i found while thrifting. GIRL. i knew from the moment i held it that it was going to be a big ol pillow. And to add to the amazingness that is this fabric, i added vintage green pom poms. HIGH 5!

i'm secretly wishing to pom pom the heck out of all my pillows. but i've been holding steady in retrain lol! mostly because little r really likes them and he tries to un pom pom my pom poms. not cool kiddo. speaking of pom pom goodness, how adorable is this little trim of yellow goodness? i scored it while walking the kiddo around a new area and immediately knew i needed to take a little stem home. XO i love random goodness. its a weed most likely. and yet i like its the cutest little weed i've taken home.

you know what else is making our home so good right now? this pretty little set up of succulents. the mister and i picked these babies up at a wedding and they have delighted our windowsill ever since. i'm a sucker for these mini succulents + lace = SWOON!

umm i i love the effect but can you tell our windows are super dirty? hahahaaaa!
;) just keepin it real.

and a few more succulents (thanks to safeway/vons) + foxy love (thanks to target clearance) to match the one fox pillow pattern in the sofa mix.  also, chalking the globe is still something i don't regret. i hesitated for about a month before i just went ahead and chalked it. i give little r a little piece of chalk and he has a whirl or a time drawing all over it. XOXO 

I also wanted to note... last but certainly not least, our home never looks this clean. oh well it did for about an hour while little r napped. :) and then it was back to it's "lived in" self again. i have plenty of time later in life to live in a super clean and tidy house, this picture will last a lot longer and watching little r & the mister enjoy living in our space is better than nagging to keep things clean. :)

i am hoping to find more time this weekend to put together spring themed kits etc. Paper love is calling me again! 
happy living,

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Oh February, you've been so good

from left to right:
Top row// 

pic 1: A sheet of red heart stickers + a little inspire lovely stamp love = awesome.
pic 2: My fav card from the journaling tag set via Inspire Lovely ETSY

pic 3: I used this cute app on my iphone called Obaby to add the "sweet" & heart designs over the photo of little r. I love this app, it only cost my $1 & the designs. I also added a heart magnet + everyday love fair ( and a cute Inspire Lovely Stamp.
pic 4: i bought a new sewing machine & and realized it sews letters and i love it. it's a step up from my old sewing machine & so happy to have bought something I love & will use even more :)

Middle row//
pic 1: creating valentine's XO
pic 2: studio love
pic 3: heart garlands for family
pic 4: Inspire Lovely Packaging

Bottom Row//
pic 1: candy boxes +cards XO

pic 2: I loved making & sending valentine cards for my little guy. he's such a charmer. He's also in the "helper" mode often. He asks to "help eat candy" hahaa! Takes after daddy. I think my favorite part of him helping is watching him try and concentrate. The cutest little furrowed eyebrows + little hands working away (pictured above with the "favorite"stamp). 
pic 3: I was out shopping at Vons for some groceries and wandered into the flower section and fell in love with a succulent garden. I had little r chose which color vase and that became my "floral gift" from him & daddy. 
pic 4: cute Inspire Lovely tags all ready for their close up :)

And my very favorite picture of this little guy this year xo

I always want to plan out shots for our family photos and realize it's really hard to do that for every photo. So as little r and i were walking back home from a walk one evening, i decided we would do a little photo shoot out in the front yard. We rushed home to grab the heart ( $2 from Michaels ) and Mona ( my camera ;) and quickly started shooting. I took about 25 photos just to take this little gem. He was being SO silly. Making angry faces because I kept asking him to smile a happy smile. hahaa! I used reverse psychology and asked him to smile like a lion and he gave me this. lol! The sunset 5 min after this shot and it was good timing. So happy. 

from left to right:
Top row//
pic 1: This past weekend the mister and I had such a full week. A funeral + a wedding + Valentines Day dinner + me getting a head cold :(  My favorite part of this weekend was a little photo love the mister and I got while attending our sweet friends wedding. I used an app on my iphone called Selftimer and thank goodness found a few awesome spots at the wedding to snap photos.
pic 2: Inspire Lovely journaling card + a quick run through of our days events. I got sick at the end of the day. yay me :)
pic 3: Another cute little space at the wedding for a quick photo with my guy. XO also Inspire Lovely stamp love XO
pic 4: My favorite Inspire Lovely Journaling card. i need to practice my spanish more and what better way than a sweet reminder to say I love You more in spanish :) I only realize how important it is to retain both languages now that i'm trying to teach little r spanish. oh i hope something sticks lol! And if then, i hope it's this. :)

Middle row//
pic 1: I wanted this pic to look super old & vintage. I Love this little area at the wedding where it looked like a different era. It was so casual and pretty. I topped off the photo with the date + a cute flair from
pic 2: my fav jenni bowlin paper XO
pic 3: Inspire Lovely journaling die cut journaling card.

I wasn't sure what I wanted to do with this cute die cut card when I designed it for the Valentine kit but I'm so glad because it turned out to be the perfect little finishing touch for this photo. The photo was taken with the self timer + my phone was on the ground from quite a distance. I love the little twinkle lights in the trees. XO I topped the photo with a simple little forget me not floral stem + i stamped the Inspire Lovely stamp on a sheet of paper. I cut "favorite" out and added a little glue dot and used it to attach the floral stem to the outside of the pocket. love love love
pic 4: my thoughts on my mister and how i knew he was mine. I used to intentionally go up to him just to make him nervous. I also wanted to make it very clear that i liked him. It didn't work. he just thought i was cute. hahaa!

Bottom row//
pic 1: you & me Inspire Lovely Stamp + sequin love from valentine Journaling card kit via Inspire Lovely ETSY
pic 2: more photo love. Whenever we take photos i prefer for one of us to be holding the camera or use the self timer app. There is no way he'd let anyone else take a shot of us like this. hahaaa! So modest ;) So I took this picture and even though its a bit blurry i'll take it. it's sweet.
pic 3: My favorite lyrics from my fav song turned into a journaling card via Inspire Lovely Valentine kit.
pic 4: my favorite wedding favors of ALL time. you have succulents at your wedding? your wedding is  amazing in my book. I asked our lovely friend, the bride, if I could please take more than one. I  never mentioned how many but I think these little succulents are happy coming home to live with me :) It's a succulent fest over here now. As i sit and blow my nose for the 1,000th time i look over at our window sill and enjoy the simple beauty in these little treasures.

Lots to be thankful for even after a funeral a wedding and getting sick.  I think it's been the most productive sick day for me this year hahaa! I realized how much i missed playing with paper and it felt so good to finally get a few pages done again for this year. It's not hard as I'm only doing a page a month and thankfully i got 3 pages done & so happy to finally have some paper love to share with ya :)

big hugs XO