Thursday, December 18, 2014

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I've never been one to be a great blogger but geez, I haven't seen you in over a month! We have moved and slowly making this very old house our home. She has her quirks. We've met several plumbers and electricians in the month that we've been here. I will share a post on a few house updates soon, there's just too much to share I'm also a sucker for really good before & after shots :) 

For now, happy almost Christmas!!!
I've been ready for this season, not so much ready for the cold but hey, I'll take it when I have huge sweaters & blankets to keep me warm :) I hope you are well and enjoying everything good that winter has to offer.  

The shop has reopened and I've restocked both stamps & bags

We also have 7 new stamps! We sold out of the Christmas stamps so I don't have any festive stamps to share :( I just need to remember to make more next year I guess :) The good news is that now through the rest of this week every stamp order will ship with a set of free tags! ( 20 tags ) Its the perfect pairing XO Also, our stamps are made to fit on all the tags available in the shop, for easy crafting XOXO

I've been really aiming at sending more handmade love & notes to my family & friends, even to customers through our packaging. I'm letting go of things I've had for months, years even, and slowly giving them away hoping they will be cherished and used. This obviously has been tough since I have a lot of stuff. Both for personal crafting and for the shop. I do love it all. And yet,  I haven't used it in the last 2-3 years. So I've been packaging it up, stamp a tag with one of the new stamps + send it off.  

Guess what? I feel a bit lighter :) And happier, giving is so much better than holding on to stuff that sadly doesn't get used. It only took moving 30 + boxes to realize that lol! 

I've also been going over our inventory and I love it all... but not all the room it takes up. SOoooooo I've decided to discontinue over 80% of our pretty ribbons and have reduced the prices to $1 a bundle 
(3 yards). I'm delighted to share a good deal with you, so happy packaging lovely. I hope you get some pretty ribbons :) Sigh... don't they look pretty all bundled up? XOXO

And to finish off the deals... I'm discontinuing all the bakers twine from the shop minus 3-5 colors. So if you'd like to purchase colorful pretty twine on a wooden spool (10 yards for $1.25) head on over to the shop and grab yourself a few spools. 

Well, back to the grind for all of us I guess :) Just remember to take a few moments for yourself and give yourself a break XO
Stay awesome!

Friday, October 24, 2014

Oh Yay!

Today is the last day to use coupon code "Fallxoxo" and save 20% off your total purchase in the shop :) We're closing the shop this weekend and we will be reopen November 7th or hopefully sooner ! Moving time is getting pretty darn close and we're packing everything up next week. Thanks in advance for helping lighten our load and hooray for the weekend!
happy friday lovelies!

Monday, October 20, 2014

Shop Update

Chaos. A glittery confetti of chaos. That's how I can best describe the studio as of late. If i end the day with glitter on me + on little r & on mr.handsome then it was a good day :) 

We are closing the shop! Packing our lives into boxes and moving! People. it's real. it's also very real that we will have to move out of our current place and into nothing. oh escrow. why don't you ever go better than anyone expects? surprise me in a good way will ya?! lol!  

So i guess it's a mandatory "time off" from the shop. That means we will be closing the shop this friday. Your chance to save 20% off by using coupon code "FallXOXO" at checkout will also end this Friday!

But hooray ! I listed all these pretty new lovelies in the shop for you!  

All cloth bags now come in 3 sizes, small + medium + large and in both silver & gold. XOXO

- magnets -

super cute!

- New Advent Calendar Number Tags 1-25 and a star tag -

And the tags are perfect for easy decorating XOXO
And the perfect finishing touch for any gift, sequin bows :)

I have been loving these cuties for a long time now. It must be because i don't have a little girl or something but i swear i will top everything of with a bow this year :)

So excited about all these new products. I'm exhausted but very happy with the new found energy that playing with new product brings. It's so fun! Still working on more ideas + playing with new product. With a little time away from the shop I do hope to have more creative energy to bring some ideas into real life. So i'm crossing my fingers for the big studio & life move. Come what may, I'm happy to not be doing this alone, it's much less scary :) In the next couple of days i will take some final pictures of our studio set up as i know i will never have this creative space again. I have to hold back from missing it already. but i know that wherever we go, starting again is going to be okay too :)

happy thoughts lovelies,

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Hello Fall XOXO

Let's start with the good stuff: September was awesome. Celebrated all month long as it was my birthday month. I loved it. lots of cake and sprinkles. Lots of family time. 

And then just for fun we put our home up for sale. Jk. It wasn't for fun. We really did put our home up for sale. I really did keep it clean for 2 weeks straight and I seriously doubt I could've made it 3 while people came to see it. But it was a great month. I can't wait to show you more pictures I took of our place. It's simple but it's home. And then, just as I was enjoying the fact that we actually sold our home... then reality started sinking in and the idea of moving has me feeling a bit less excited. More like just not excited at all. Because you know, moving isn't fun. But we ARE excited about finally buying a home that doesn't have a shared wall. And that does have a garage & a big back yard. I've already started missing this place and we haven't even moved! I'm such a sap. It didn't look like this when we first moved in and I guess looking back at all the work we put into this place & making it ours I feel like I will miss that part of us here. Luckily, our next home is a fixer upper so yay to putting our magic touch on that home too. It's going to be good. really really good :) 

So in 100 degree weather I got ready for this fall photo shoot and bought myself some more flowers & pumpkins and totally ate all the candy corn I darned pleased. Because life goes on and now we're onto fall, even if san diego doesn't believe in it with this hot weather. lol!

I'm loving fall anyway XOXO. 

New vintage card & fall inspired cards in 2 paper color choice options.

And I'm still in love with mason jars. So we made Kraft mason jar sticker labels. Perfect for labeling handmade gifts + treat bags & leaving cute random notes XO.

I also love these mason jar tags. I love labeling stuff. Everything. Just because. I should show you my tag drawer. Its pretty crazy in a good way :)

Kraft tags are super cute. I think these would be fun to use as place card holders for weddings and sending handmade love to friends & family. I think mason jars are forever XO.

You know i love clothespins. I thought they'd be even cooler with phrases! You know the pencils with engraved phrases. Well i rarely use a pencil or give one away so i thought the same idea with the phrases would look awesome on clothespins! I LOVE these! I've been using them on packaging recently and think it's super fun adding a cute phrase to each gift :)

And I've been loving these half tone mini wooden clothespins as well. Everything is cuter in mini format am I right? Each clothespin measures 1 inch. Adorable!

Last year was our first year debuting our mini calendars. I'm so pleased to share our 2015 calendars

We've included 5 font options with 3 paper color choices. I love customizing stuff & love the gift of choice. So that's what these beauties are all about. Use them in your paper projects, for gift giving or to decorate  and hang in your office & home. 2015 is going to be so lovely with these beauties.

A bit of handmade goodness for you. I've been making these doily garlands whenever I get the chance and I am so happy to share this one with you guys. I think this is the best way to upcycle thrifted doilies. I love that you can use these over and over again to decorate. Perfect for decorating a wedding table and a sweet corner of your home. I only made this one for this shop update so hurry quick before it's gone!

And the same goes for this little black garland. Perfect for minimal decorating. And works perfect for everyday decor. I always have a garland up somewhere in our home ;)

And our black & white design paper tags are now available in kraft ! :)

You can buy one of nine designs or one of each design. 
We've recently started offering wholesale options on these too. 

And I've saved the best new for last...It's sale time again, we're celebrating a new adventure for Inspire Lovely... we're moving our studio! If you've been waiting to stock up today is your day :) Enjoy this month's fall sale by entering "FallXOXO" at checkout for 20% off your order all month long. We're trying to lighten our load to make moving the studio easier so thanks in advance for your help ;)

Happy Fall & shopping! ps: I really wish i could share my bowl of candy corn & candy pumpkins because sometimes i only want to eat one and then i feel pressured to finish the 100 i have left lol! No self control, shame hehee.


Saturday, August 30, 2014

Watercolour summer magic

Hi lovelies! 
I've been tagged by a lovely friend, Jessy, to share a few answers with you to a few fun questions:

        1. What am I working on right now?

Summer packaging & new Fall + Christmas stamp designs! I know. It's not even fall yet but I've already spotted a few pumpkins at the stores and i feel like i need to get with the program. But really, i've been procrastinating and just trying to enjoy creating fun summer kits & stamps :) I'm looking forward to Fall & Christmas already!

        2. How long does it take me to create a project?

Really depends what I'm working on, but I would have to say I always take my time. This could mean between a day to a week. Yikes! I can't put something out there that I'm just not into or feel like I'm not happy with. It's part of a process that at times drives me crazy but I always end up feeling right about it and things generally work out :) And other times I surprise myself and things just come together in a few minutes! but that rarely happens ha! Ah, that coffee works wonders lol! jk. i don't drink coffee. more like 90% sugar & milk and 10% coffee ... total motivator. ;)

        3. What are my favorite things to create with at the moment?

I'm loving watercolours! It's a fun creative work out. I have had my watercolour paper pad + inks + brushes since my art school days. I'm talking waaaaay back lol! It was SO good to play with water & brushes again! You know I forget the "rules" so to speak about working with specific mediums and this was a total " Oh THAT'S how that works better!" hahaa! I jazzed things up and added a big dash of glitter just for fun. Reminds me of the glittery water reflections of the sun in the ocean. So dreamy. XOXO Also, I ended up free hand drawing a few script card designs & stamps. First time for me! It was a bit nerve racking since my actual handwriting is so similar to a serial killers, or as I've been told like a doctors scribbles lol! Still free hand drawing was fun since it's all about doodling and that's aways fun to do and doesn't feel like "work. I hope to add a few more handmade scripts in the future.

        4. How does my writing/creating process work?

I am not a writer. as you can already tell :) nor do i make lists. because i'm that twit who writes lists only to get to the store and realize i forgot the list at home. SO frustrating! or i really hate myself at the end of the day for not getting everything done & marked off the list. so no lists. just fun :)

I used to LOVE getting assignments when I was on a design team. But now that I'm not on one I have to find a way to stay motivated and create stuff for myself. I now take on a few outside assignments just to motivate and challenge myself to think creatively. I was recently invited to create a fun tassel project to share with Mollie Makes readers and am so happy with how it turned out. I loved the creative direction from the magazine, they are the best! I can't tell you how smitten I am to have worked with my fav craft mag! If you love to create don't hesitate and pick up a copy! It's filled to the brim with eye candy and fun DIY's :)

Another big motivator is documenting our life for my little r. He's such a little guy still i know he'll appreciate it. He loves watching videos, looking at pictures of himself that we took of him as a baby baby. Sniff sniff. Little guy is growing up so fast. but this is a motivating force for me! I'm staying with it and creating for us!

My creative process is simple. Find inspiration. Draw/design. play with color options. print it. tape it to the wall. live with it. like it. great. not like it, go back to redesign and continue steps from there. nothing scientific here. just keep creating and going back to the drawing board. some ideas just take more time and that's okay! As long as you're happy it's all good :) It's supposed to be  fun, not stressful ;)

        5. How do I become inspired and stay inspired?

I want to say inspiration comes from pretty much anything. It can be a visual "material" thing: a pretty comforter from West Elm & pillows from CB2. An awesome song with a fun beat and catchy lyrics. Or from pretty flowers on my walk & the patterns I find in a bit of shade from a tree. Probably sounds crazy, but it also doesn't have to be "things" either.

I'm also constantly inspired by moments I'm able to remember. Almost 10 years ago I traveled to Italy by myself. After a few days traveling I remember feeling a bit lonely. I can remember waking up in a pretty tower in a fancy little hotel overlooking the Capri seaside. I vividly remember the open window, The cool ocean breeze against my face. The gorgeous colors in the warm sunrise. The sounds, the boats & sailors in the harbor. Singing the song "Here I Am" by Delirious by heart & on my ipod so faintly. Inspired by the lyrics: Your grace has found me just as I am, Empty handed, but alive in your hands" The overwhelming feeling of being held. Comforted. Happy. reminded I was loved. Blessed. I was so thankful to really be in that moment that I used these things to soothe the labour pains while pregnant many years later. The little bits & details of moments of inspiration are truly amazing when you give them time to settle in & be aware of them. You never know how they will inspire you later in life :)

--> Disconnect, go outside, look up, look around, close your eyes. and just breathe :)

        6. What is my signature style?

Oh my goodness. I want to say what I used to always say but I can't because I think it's changed. I have to say a bit of B&W with some sequins + type design. I'm still a bit color shy but I'm working on it ;) Also, I'm trying not to overdo the whole graffiti spray can thing so I'm using that sparingly now lol! Having a little one I think has made me a bit more whimsical.So I hope that it shows :)

- Tag the blogs of three of your favorite scrapbookers:

She's always so good a being herself. So honest. Such a good example in her faith + art + family life. She's just one special beautiful soul and that's really inspiring to me. XOXO

Such an amazing artist! I've had the pleasure of friending her in real life and working on the same design team back in our Kenner Road days :) She's just awesome. She's so creative and has a brilliant use of color and black lines. Super cool & I love her drawings XOXO

I am planning on meeting her at her next Be Crafty workshop and I cannot wait! She's just the best most brilliant paper creative I've seen! And she's so awesome at redoing furniture! Always picks the best colors and has the prettiest instagram! She's just brilliant. you'll love her too XOXO

Happy creating lovelies!